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jman007jman007 Member Posts: 1

Hi Reckon community, i'm really looking for some help as after calling support today the guy who took the call from tech support was rude and unhelpful.

I want to add another payment method along where eftpos and paypal currently sit, google search hasnt helped and it must be easy to add another or use 'other' as I need to now have this function.



  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 386 ✭✭

    Hi jman007,

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to add a different payment method. The payment methods available are Cash, Cheque, PayPal, and Eftpos. Cash and Cheque are enabled by default, PayPal and Eftpos are enabled in the management system preferences under Payment Providers. But there isn't an option to add other payment methods unfortunately.

    Kind Regards,


  • jman007jman007 Member Posts: 1

    Thanks Shane for jumping in here, Sonia there a workaround where I can accept a payment and keep it seperate?

    I tried today to create a customer and assign transactions to customer ‘other’ which was a little clunky

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