"This is not the same computer this program was originally installed"

David Austin
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Why has my program suddenly decided that my PC isn't the one it was originally loaded onto, even though it is? And how do I overcome this to update my household files?


  • Andrew Hellier
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    Hi David,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community!

    I presume you are referring to the Reckon Accounts Personal Range? (previously knows as Quicken)

    If so sometimes changes made to your PC such as Windows updates can interfere with the software registration.

    If you have an internet connection on your PC please select next to that message and then choose the options "Apply the renewal automatically using the internet" and click OK.

    This should let you get back in!.

    If not let us know!

    Happy new year.

  • Michop
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Update to Reckon Personal Plus 2015 FAIL. I received the email announcing I was entitled to the update, I downloaded it and installed it (why Reckon cannot include uninstall previous version in the installer is beyond me)
    I entered the licence key, registered and all was good.
    Until I closed it and reopened, then I get "This does not appear to be the same computer that your software was originally installed on...." The only option is to ring Reckon to purchase a licence.
    I have a subscription!
    I dislike ringing up and want people to respond to email.
    I've downgraded now.
  • Lesley Xerri
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    Hi Michop,
    Generally you just need to right mouse click the icon and go to Porperties, click on the Compatibilty tab, check the checkbox "Run this program in compatability mode for:" and choose Windows XP SP2.  Also check the check box "Run this program as administrator"  All should work fine.
    Lesley. Accredited Partner
  • Michop
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    If by "work fine" you mean I now have to OK UAC prompt each time I run it, then I guess you are right. Thanks.

    It seems strange to me that I have to run this program released last week in compatibility for an operating system that is more than 10 years old. Reckon should build the software for Windows 7 or Windows 8. I think they are not very focused on their product or their customers.
  • Lesley Xerri
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    That's right Michop, unfortunately. I understand your thinking, but it is such a great program (I love the investment registry!) that I feel "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!
    Wouldn't it be great if Reckon developed an Investment module for Reckon One?
    Lesley. Accredited Partner