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Catherine Androutsos
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In Reckon Accounts Enterprise the role list has drop downs under Banking>Bank Accounts that allow you to select individual bank accounts and choose the required level of access for each of those accounts. Does this work? I tested it and a user can enter or change transactions from a bank account that they were set to have no access to.

Interested to hear if anyone has had this experience.


  • Jason Hollis
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    edited September 2020
    Hi Catherine,

    It is working as expected (in terms of programming) as it only pertains to the bank register - however we have had another look at it thanks to your question and we believe it should flow through to all functions relating to the selected bank account. 

    Hence this is now been logged by The Dev Team and will be reviewed in the 2015 scope. Thanks again for pointing it out and we'll see what we can do to broaden its functionality.

    Kind regards,