Payroll liability balance not matching between employee card and payroll reports

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Hi everyone, I have found a problem with the leave balance of an employee I am wanting to terminate.

I have set up another leave liability called TIL in the Other 1 Liability section and it usually works fine.

When calculating the payout I went in to his card and got the value of 15.2 hours to pay him out but after entering the pay I found there is a balance of 15.33 hours. After further investigation I found the following:

Opening balance when setting up the file at 1 July 14 was -15.20 hours

He then accrued 15.2 hours in the first pay period that should have brought this back to zero

When looking at the payroll liability summary report for TIL the amount increases from 0 to 36.33 on the 4tyh pay of the year however when I go into that pay there is nothing to do with TIL on the paycheque so I am not sure how this value increases (perhaps someone manually increased the value in the employees card?)

If I put 15.2 hours into his termination pay for TIL I am left with 15.33 hours in the balance remaining to the right of the paycheque page and I also have this balance on the payroll summary report however the hours available on the TIL tab in the employee card is 0

If I pay him out the 36.33 hours then it goes back to zero within the paycehque and on reports but shows a negative 15.33 hours available in his employee card.

So my question is - where did this 36.33 hours come from and is there a report I could view that would show how or when it was entered?

Thanks in advance for any help, its really appreciatted


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    Try creating a detail report by payroll item (TIL Accrued & TIL Taken) and then filter it to that employee and you might find it, it also depends whether you have given TIL a $ value rather than try to follow just the hours. I have found that if any amendment is needed then you amend the employee card prior to doing the payroll otherwise the payslip will show the incorrect amount until the next pay run. Though you are probably right and it has been altered on the employee card.

    I find that when employee liabilities go wrong for whatever reason it is nearly impossible (or takes forever) to try and find where and what went wrong. I have created a employee spreadsheet that works on an hourly accrual for both annual and sick leave with also columns for TIL. At least that way I can recreate accurately any liability that has stuffed up. If you want it then you can call me on 0266834083