error code 00000000 (0) at line 921 in sendemail.cpp comes up when I'm trying to email an invoice.

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error code 00000000 (0) at line 921 in sendemail.cpp comes up when I'm trying to email an invoice. This happening with Windows Live Mail on Windows 8.1 and Reckon 2014. I have tried everything in knowledge base. Sometimes it works, other times we just keep getting switch to or retry


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    Hey Bruce, thanks for your post & welcome to the Community. Emailing from Reckon Accounts, Windows Live Mail may or may not work, give these instructions a try:  If this doesn't help fix the problem with emailing let me know what error you receive.  You may need to install Microsoft Outlook and set this as your default email client.  Reckon Accounts is designed to work with Outlook, and while other email clients can sometimes work with Reckon Accounts, Outlook is the one we officially support.
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    mmm this is where I am at, at the moment does that mean I have to set up a whole new lot of emails addresses for my business to cover come this problem?

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    Hi Mirko I am having all the same issues as Bruce, I have 8,1, I use Outlook as a email provider. I have done all the steps, default etc Could you please advise of any other solutions

    Regards Craig Johnson
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    i have the same issue running windows 10, office 365 and Recon Accounts 2015, error code 00000000 (0) at line 921 in sendemail.cpp have tried theories and nothing has worked. extremely frustrating. 

    I have set up two identical machines, both had same problem, one was fixed using the cutePDF install but the second computer still isn't working.
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    Hi Blair,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Firstly please read our statement on Reckon Accounts and Windows 10.

    Then, look at the article: It mentions the additional step:

    If you still cannot email you can try modifying the QBW.INI file located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QBW.ini and add the following lines at the bottom of the  file.  

    To open it, right click, select Open With and choose Notepad:  Scroll to the bottom of the file and add:

    Close & Save the file then restart QuickBooks and try again.  

    Hope this helps.