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i am setting up salary pakaging foe an employee in Payroll premier 2011/12 with a pretax and post tax component as deductions.It calculates correctly howerever the gross amount on reports  and payslips is incorrect.The amount displayed includes the pre tax component of the salary packaging. Can anyone help me?


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    The post tax will be a deduction. The pre tax should be a reduction against gross and then an employer contribution for the same amount. This will then show a total gross wage for the full amount on reports and payslips, then reports will show the same except that they will also show an adjusted gross with deductions from gross pay.

    When you do the BAS you have to show in W1 not only the reduced component but also the employer contribution component.

    In this way the EOFY Payment Summaries do what they are supposed to.

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    Dear Charles, Thank you so much for this information.

    Much appreciated