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Are you struggling with Reports like "Productivity Report  , you need information like: where we can measure an employee’s total hours worked divided into hours charged to a client and hours not charged to a client. We could call this report  “Employee Productivity Report”.

The report would show;

1.       Employee name

2.       Hours worked for the period

3.       Hours charged to a client

4.       Hours not charged to a client

5.       The total of the hours in 2 will agree to the total of the hours in 3 & 4.

6.       Productivity % - this is the hours in 3 divided by the hours in 2 expressed as a %.


An example of this would be. I work for 30 hours in the week and 20 of those hours are charged to a client so the productivity % is 20/30 = 66.67%.
We can five you all above in dollars, and able to filter  billable or unbillable hours in dollars, by EMPLOYEE,BY ITEM, BY CLASS, BY JOBS.
All these are instant real time reports .
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