When I start Quickbooks 2005/2006 I get a 0xe06d7363 error.

John Wright_7399258
John Wright_7399258 Member Posts: 1
I reinstalled Office recently. I now get an error when I start Quickbooks 2005/2006. The error code is 0xe06d7363. I was advised to upgrade my Quickbooks so I bought Reckon 2014. During the upgrade I was told to install the trial version of 2007/2008 before upgrading to Reckon 2014.  I did this but now get a 0xc0000005 error. Your website recommended reinstalling Quickbooks but the software won’t allow me to install a trial version twice so I can't do this.

I've downloaded and run the Quickbooks Install diagnostic tool and the Component repair tool. This doesn't make any difference.  I've also run the reboot batch files for both versions and I still get the same errors.

Can anyone help?