Paycheque Superannuation Split Broken

Malcolm Powers
Malcolm Powers Member Posts: 7
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I'm using Home & Business 2009, is this a bug that is fixed in 2015? I'm needing to go back and amend some entries in one of my superannuation registers but when I try it tells me that the entry was entered as a split transaction and I need to go to the transfer entry and do the change there. When I go to the transfer it takes me to the Paycheque with the Super entry. It's all good to this point. When I change the Super figure that is being transferred and then select ok it appears that everything is fine. When I then go back to the Super register I now see there is an new entry, which has the updated Super figure. The old entry is also there with the old figure. I cannot edit or delete the old Super entry as it still says it's from a split and I need to do it from the transfer entry. When I go back to the transfer (the paycheque) it has the correct new Super figure and no sign of the old figure!! The only way around this I have found is to delete the paycheque and create a new one, then when I go back to the Super register it lets me delete the old entry. I need to modify many entries and I'm expecting the software to be able to make these changes.