Reckon Accounts Enterprise error 6073-99001 when trying to login with second simultaneous user.

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I've just installed the update to Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2015r1, updated Server, and 5 workstations. Now I am getting this error: 6073, -99001 when trying to login with a second user. The first user is working fine. The Database server is running, all permissions have been triple checked. Firewall settings have been changed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


  • Mirko
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    Hey Ray, welcome to the Community. Check that the file isn't in single user mode. Error 6073 would indicate that. Sounds like you put a decent amount of man hours into that setup, let's hope the fix is as simple as what the error indicates. Let me know how you go! ^Mirko
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    Hi Mirko, thank you, and thanks for your quick reply. Yes well it seemed like that, I already changed the file to multi-user from 1 of the workstations before I posted my problem. But forgive my ignorance but when I am using a dedicated File server to host the database do I still require to change the file to multi-user mode?? Could the file/database have been changed whilst updating to the new version? Thanks again for your assistance. Cheers Ray
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    Hi Ray,

    In regards to your setup, the Reckon Accounts software requires the Database File Server Manager to be installed on the same physical hard drive as where the datafiles are being held.

    In other words if you installed the Database File Server Manager onto a E:/ drive then you must also place the datafiles onto the E:/ drive for hosting to properly work.
    (this would involve you setting up a new folder share, permissions to the folder and new mapped network drives to each of the PCs)

    When rescanning the shared folder it will only work if the above requirement has been met. Theoretically you should be able to scan the folder if it is the same phyiscal hard drive but a different logical hard drive however in some rare cases due to stringent network security settings you would have to put it on the same physical and logical drive.

    Touching back on your network setup where datafiles are located in a File Server meaning (files only and no software installed) on it, it is quite typical to receive error messages when attempting this kind of setup due to the non existent Database File Server Manager on that harddrive and server.

    Please try the above and let me know how you go! On another note I might recommend you calling our support que on 1300 306 356 to get it sorted out quicker.