Reckon Premier 2015 - can't have the same company file open simultaneously in 2 different PC's

Huc Richards
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Just updated to Reckon Accounts 2015 Premier from 2014 Premier.  Computer A has Premier & Server installed.   Computer B has Premier only installed.   I have 3 different companies, therefore 3 different company files.   I can open any company file on either computer, but i can't have the same company file open simultaneously on both computers.   

- I have turned all firewalls off (for testing)
- Premier is in "Multi-user Mode"
- I have done the "Add folder" and scan in Database Server Manager, which had the correct result, but the info doesn't stay in either the "Add folder..." or the "Reckon Accounts Files Found" windows if you close the Manager and re-open it.

here's the error messages i'm getting.   the first one is from Computer A,

and this from Computer B.



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    Hi Huc

    Your data file needs to be in a shared folder, that can be accessed on the network, I have given  you links to solutions for this error.  If these don't help contact tech support

    If you are upgrading it is always a good idea to chose a separate folder to upgrade the new version into, rather than write over the previous version folder, less issues doing it this way.

    If you have previous versions installed, you may also have more than one Data base server, and the older versions may need to be stopped, before opening the current DB server.

    Try the above shared folder and links.

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