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how do i get rid of old entries still sitting in the bank reconciliation obviously I have doubled up have tried to delete them bu then when I go to do a new reconciliation the begining balance is wrong.
Also I have not previously reconciled the superannuation what do i do


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    Hi Sandra
    Sounds like you may have entered the transaction incorrectly.  EG to same account, if it is affecting your previous Reconciliation. 
    You reconcile your Super the same as a bank account.
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    Hi Sandra

    left over entries in bank rec's may not be double up's, first you have to establish if they are, go to advance fine and search the amount, check if there are 2 entries exactly the same, date and all, if yes, go back to your bank rec, double click the leftover entry (not reconciled) and open it, go to edit and delete the transaction that way.

    In the past if you bank rec has been affected then you have deleted the wrong entry, you have deleted the reconciled one, not the unreconciled one, which is why you do it from inside the bank rec window only.

    If they are not double up's then you need to look at why they are there, they could be wrong dates, an entry you need for the next bank rec, but have put the wrong date on it i.e. entry 09/06/14 should be 09/06/15, so leave them until all bank rec's are up to date.

    the other option is they may be needed for another account, you may have entered the transaction into the wrong account, it could be an entry that should have been credit card.  Again leave the transactions until all rec's are done.

    If you are missing entries from a rec, the first thing you should do it "find" the amount, rather than just reenter, as you may find the entry in the file in another account, then you just move it, this will lessen the amount of double up entries.

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