The Hours of Sick Leave Is Accured Incorrectly

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Hello everyone,

When I deleted one of my employee's payslip in some payment terms and recreated them on my Accounts Premier Edition 2015, I found that both of "Personal" and "Holiday" hours were generated incorrect figured. Also, the "YTD Used" shows even the negative numbers like "-16:00", all numbers were not accrued right from the last payslip I keep. 

During our fortnightly salary payment term, the default accrued hours for Personal and Holiday are 3:05 and 6:10 respectively, for example, if I deleted the term of 31/03/2015 to 13/04/2015, the Personal should be added 3:05 to 111:00 instead of the wrong figure 130:05 and wrong YTD Used hours "-16:00".

Could anyone suffered the issue like this and share how did you fixed it, please?

Many thanks!



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    I've got a spreadsheet that I use as a control. I find in any accounting package it is too easy to muck up the accruals and then it is impossible/too time consuming to try and recreate them from the package therefore the spreadsheet.

    If you know what the accruals should be then go into the employee setup and to the payroll section to the leave section and change them to what they should be, it will then follow on from there

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    Hi Lawrence

    Not sure if I am reading this right, you deleted a pay and recreated one all in the same Premier Addition of Reckon, and your employee accruals changed or all the employees accrual changed?

    How many days personal leave does your staff get p.a and what is your working day 8 or 7.6?