API is almost upon us!

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APIs coming for Hosted & Reckon One


We have been hard at work on API systems for both the Reckon One and Hosted cloud accounting platforms. The fruits of that labour is almost upon us.

What is an API?
For those who are not overly familiar with APIs. It's basically a programming code set that allows third party developers to integrate into a system. The Reckon API's will allow developers other than Reckon, to link into our systems and post data (once a user has authorised that system to do so).

What now?
We are currently working towards gathering interest from developers and helping them get ready to be able to support integrations the day we turn production on. We will have a beta of the Hosted API very soon, with Reckon One not too far behind.

What can I do with an API?
API's will allow developers such as those who build e-stores, desktop apps, cloud apps or even mobile apps to link into our software; both the Reckon One and Hosted platforms. Think of the possibilities, posting sales from your online store, keeping track of live inventory, the options are endless!

How to get started?
We have launched a page which allows developers to indicate their interest in the Reckon APIs. As we get closer to the production release the API team will provide more specific information to registered developers about how the API works and what they need to do for integration. If there is a developer you would like to see integrate with Hosted or Reckon One, I would strongly suggest that you guide them to <<this page>>.


  • Tim Karmiste
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    I'm currently working on a project with a customer where we would require the API for Accounts Hosted. Do you have an idea of a release date?
  • Mirko
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    Hi Tim, welcome to the community. If you click through the link of the page there is a contact form - fill this out and you will recieve all information as it becomes available. There's also an email address for the API Team. Cheers, Mirko
  • Ramon Dominguez
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    Hi Mirko , all done , we will see you soon!  just waiting for the open-season green flag :)
    all the best  
  • Adam Parrish
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    Is there any ETA on the API for Accounts Hosted yet? 
  • John Pellew
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    Is the Reckon One and Hosted API available yet?  If not when ?

  • Rav
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    Hi Adam & John,

    If you could pop through your details via this form - http://bit.ly/1OTNI7C & send it through to us at [email protected] our API team will be in touch with you to discuss

  • John Pellew
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    Done earlier today .  Thanks
  • Jason Hollis
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    Accounts Hosted API is now in full production, and indeed developers have completed integrations that we will be launching soon.

    The Reckon One API is also in full production and now has a majority of endpoints that satisfy many developer requirements. 

    We will be finalising the INVOICE PUT / POST / DELETE in the next couple of weeks (GET is already available) and then on to BILLS which will satisfy the majority of developers.

    Following this we will be commencing work on the Payroll APIs to closely coincide with the Payroll Module release of Reckon One. This module will start at $3/mth for lite functionality, and $5 for medium.

    The big kicker, $3/mth will allow you to process payroll for UNLIMITED employees. Therefore 1 employee = $3/mth, 50 employees = $3/mth. Indeed you will be able to use Reckon One Payroll as a cloud payroll for $96 per year for all of your employees (core module is needed before you can add modules; core is $5/mth). That is why we are excited.

    If you wish to apply to be an Developer Partner, please visit our Developer Partner Application Page