POS Posting problem to old company file and today's transactions lost

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Hi Community,
Hoping someone can help me.  We are using Reckon Accounts Plus 2015 paired with Reckon POS Professional 2015.

I installed these 2 programs on a new laptop today (after speaking to tech support on how to do that) and restored the company from backup and called the new company file "*current" as the new company file.  I then downloaded today's transactions from POS and the transactions were posted to an old company file that was in the same directory.  Result I have today's transactions posted to a company file from 6 months ago and the new company file has no transactions from today.

I realised later that I should have pointed POS Administrator to the new name of the company file, but alas I didnt :(.

Is there a way I can undo this and then do the post to accounts again, or do i have to manually enter all of today's sales again?  It there a way to export today's transactions from the old company file and import them to the new company file?

Please help??



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    Thank you so much Andrew! I will try it first thing in the morning at the shop.

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    I have tried this but my files to not appear like magic. Is there another way?
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    I have done this also and the files are back in the directory , but when I try to post them it says there are no files for posting. any ideas???