Cosmic Invoice App

David CunninghamDavid Cunningham Member Posts: 7
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I have now generated over 100 invoices using this App, congratulations to Chandra and your team. This App has made "on the road" invoicing a very simple process and allows to capture all costs as they occur and we are not having to rely on the information being accurately relayed at the end of the day. For simple invoices you can generate them while you have lunch or after work and they seamlessly integrate with Reckon Hosted. Great tool which has improved our business; I look forward to future developments from this team. Dave and Jill; Townsville


  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 615 ✭✭
    edited September 7
    Great stuff David. Yes Chandra and his team have done an amazing job building this solution for our Hosted customers.

    Now our API v2.1 is live we expect the eco-system to expand rapidly.
  • David CunninghamDavid Cunningham Member Posts: 7
    edited March 2017
    Great improvements to an already great App.
    The customer search function is faster and the new version gives you the ability to customise your invoices to suit your business.
    Once again excellent support on questions asked and suggestions put forward; well above my normal expectations for a commercial product.
    This App will stream line and allow accurate and timely invoicing which in turn will speed up your cash flow.
    Well done Chandra and your team.
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