POS 2017 can't find COMS

Meg Cunningham
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POS only has two options in "Connect to" (printer port on customer display or ethernet) so it won't connect to my receipt printer. I have tried creating a new COMS port but it didn't work properly. The printer works and I can print a test page when it's connected to anything other than the COMS ports. I've done so much research but I can't actually find any information to help me out.



  • Chris Marshall
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    Make sure that the printer is NOT set up as a windows printer. If you set it up as a Windows printer it will steal the COM port and so that COM port will become unavailable in POS. POS has all the drivers preloaded so you dont need to install the driver and set it up in Windows.
  • Shane
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    Hi Meg,

    What you need to do is create a virtual com port for your receipt printer.  The com port needs to be 9 or below.  What ever receipt printer you have, there must be a virtual com port driver that comes with it, and this will create the virtual com port.  Once that virtual com port is created, if its above 9, you can use the Windows Device Manager to change the port number to below 9.  For example 5.  Then when you open POS Terminal, your receipt printer options will have Com 5 to select. 

    For Senor receipt printers you can get the drivers here: https://senortech.com.au/pages/downloads
    and for Epson  you can get them here:  https://download.epson-biz.com/modules/pos/index.php?page=single_soft&cid=5131&pcat=3&sc...

    If you use a different type just Google search for it and you should be able to find it.