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I want to add a credit card fee as a percentage to the bottom of an invoice. I could create a discount item but it will not change to positive. Is there any other way of doing this?


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    Hi, yes you can. I have this set up on mine.
    If you have multiple lines you might need to use a sub total line entry first and then do the credit card fee. CCard fee is an income account.

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    Hi DebonAir

    Hate to point out the obvious, but this example only applies the credit card charge to the net figure (exc. GST) $500 and a credit card payment is taken on the full amount of the sale including gst. $550.   

    This would work if you added the 10% to $6.25 then you would get the $6.88
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    My problem is I invoice items in a group which would mean if I had more than one group I would have to apply the surcharge after each group. I would like to apply the surcharge at the bottom of the invoice. If I can't put the surcharge at the bottom, can I apply a discount there where I could give a discount if not paying by credit card
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    Hi Roger
    You can still use DebonAir's method of an item line put last on the invoice, but you want be able to use the %, you can still use the  line and manually calculate the surcharge on the whole invoice $ then enter it manually.
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    When I have 5min I will have a play with it for you.
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    You can add  a 10% increase on the line,  eg, 1.25% x 1.1=1.375 which will give the correct result.  I forgot to add the increase in the test company when I did this, I do have the increase in my own company.
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    Hi, I would like to be able to add another field under the invoice total that shows a percentage payable IF paid with Credit Card...

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