Salary Sacrifice amounts do not match on Payment Summary

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I have one employee whose salary sacrificed super amount for the year shows correctly on all the reports and pay slips but a lower figure is showing on his payment summary. 

ie. Payroll Totals reports show 26 deductions for $240 = $6240 as does the Super by Employee report but on the payment summary under RESC it shows $5520.

Other employees who also salary sacrifice are all showing correctly. I have been through every single pay cheque and all are correctly labelled with the salary sacrifice item showing in the deductions.

I have checked the set up of the payroll item and it is the same as all the others, but nothing I do seems to make the extra amount show on payment summary.

Checked similar questions on the community but none of the fixes for others apply to me (ie. "Tax Tracking Type" is set to None and "Reduce Employer Contributions (SA_CA)" is NOT ticked.)

Using Reckon Hosted 2016


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    OK, that's weird!  But it has worked :-)

    Thanks a heap Adrian
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    Adrian - you are a champion! I had this exact problem. Such a relief to solve it and a great step by step process. Thank you. You have saved me hours of frustration.

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