I am entering a bill but when i enter the expense code i get an error that it is not on the list

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I am trying to enter a bill from a Supplier we always use.  It brings up the last transaction details Expense code Materials:Steel.  I tab through the fields and receive an error Steel is not on the list.  I delete the code, start typing and see the code in the list and select it.  Steel is not on the list.  I have a number of items that are COGS, it seems as though Materials is the only corrupt item.

I have done another rebuild, I did get a message.  I found a log file but doesn't mention anything about materials just some memorised transactions and I don't know how to find the records e.g  verify.c (11203) :  CHECKPOINT: Mon Jul 31 20:19:59 Warning: Verify Memorised Transaction: Orphaned master = 736062


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    You will need to look at the System.log file which will show you the duplicate items

    Then rename one of them

    Feel free to call me on 0418 771 971 to discuss
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    Thanks. Itried recresting the account again with subacvout under materials it fave me message to use same account as parent. I showed inactive accounts in chart. I found some mystery bank accounts made inactive. Really weird stuff been going on lately. We will be shifting away from Reckon.
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