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I have 10 entities that I want to run the same set of memorised reports for. Is there a way to copy them across rather than having to modify for each entity?


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    Great question. I think not
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    Hello Felicity

    From the Memorised Report List select the report you want to copy.

    Down the bottom select Export Template.

    Then in the other files open Memorised Report List

    Down the bottom select Import Template and select the file you exported.

    The only time I have found doesn't work is where one file has GST cash basis and another file is GST accrual basis, and you have a specific GST report, I cant remember which one now.

    Other reports the wont import, where it is customised to specific items or chart of accounts that don't exist in the new file.

    You are warned when importing if it does not like the report.


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    Thanks for your help. It appears anywhere I have a filter that isn't standard to Reckon then it won't even let me try to export it (even though the rest of my files are set up with exactly the same fields eg customer type & chart of accounts). I suppose I could remove those filters for the export and remember to add them back in after I import, would be better than the "not at all" option.
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