Adjustment note for stolen money from office.

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Hi Everyone,

Last year, some cash was stolen from our office by the person doing receivables. The money was the payment received from our customers. The issue is, she did not give an invoice for some of them or she ripped of hand written receipt book sheets. Customers' invoices still remain unpaid. I need to create an item for this specific purpose to use for adjustment notes. I could not quite figure out how to create it without increasing the bank in chart of accounts.


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    Hi Samed... create a bank account called Theft Suspense... then you can do Receive Payments to this account to pay off all the affected customer invoices in the system...  then you can clear the balance that is in this account - using a cheque entry to an expense account called Loss on Theft or something like that... does that make sense?  cheers Linda

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    Hi Samed  What Linda has given you is the simple way to clear these outstanding amounts.

    An alternative to creating a Write cheque is when receiving the payments, mark Deposit to as going to Undeposited Funds. Then go to Make Deposits, check all the amounts, when in the Deposit screen, go to the bottom and in Cash goes back to, put the expense account eg Theft and the deposit will be $0.00

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