how do I turn P&L Budget Performance data into line graphs?

MeaghanMeaghan Member Posts: 1
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I'm using Reckon Hosted.
After reconciling at the end of each month, I need to report graphically on our budgeted Vs actual income and expenses for the year (each month the ‘actual’ line will creep further along the graph).
I can export the P&L Budget Performance report as an Excel spreadsheet, however I'm not sure how to then convert this data into graphs for each of the major budget categories.
Any ideas?


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
    edited February 13
    Hi Meaghan,

    You will need to export you reports to Excel and create your graphs in Excel as Reckon Accounts doesn't have this feature in reports.

    You can find some graphs in the company snapshot, but for ones other than this, the only way is in Excel.

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