When reconciling a bank account,wrong information on the report

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I am trying to reconcile a bank account, the information on the screen is correct, and everything looks hunky dorey. UNTIL I look at the report the figures are totally incorrect, the information on the report is not the same as that that was on the screen when the reconcilliation was accepted. It includes entries that have already been reconciled on a previous bank reconcilliation run. Admittedly we are in our first quarter of using Reckon One , we have had numerous things go wrong,like being able to delete from a screen, then next time not even getting the option to delete.SO VERY FUSTRATING, now I have a BAS report in draft, I printed it off got out of the program, revisited the BAS report it now shows different figures, HOW CAN THAT BE????? Can anyone please help me, as we need to sort this today if possible. I have contacted India, but there is a language and understanding problem....


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    Hi Wendi,

    Here are a couple of videos on your two concerns.  Do they explain the points for you?

    Bank Reconciliation in Reckon One

    Preparing your BAS Return


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    Unfortunately none of the videos or documentation would ever work. The problem was that when reconciling the main cheque account the date that was being used to reconcile the bank statement happenned to be the date that the entry was physically entered, NOT the transaction date. To get around this (as we are only just starting with Reckon One, therefore all the entry dates were all over the place)
    1) unreconcile all the transactions, then press to  Finish reconcilliation
    2)set the system date on a computer (not attached to a server) to be the last day of the statement
    3)reconcile all the transactions for the statement finish Reconcile, lock the date and print the report
    4 Repeat 2) and 3) for the required statements.

    This then gave me the reports that I was expecting

    Remember to set the date back to todays date!
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    I am looking at converting over from the old quickbooks and this is one of the problems I am concerned with.   
    Also I do a number of multiple transfers through the bank which show up as one
    entry in total on the bank statement but obviously I need to pay each bill separately in the new quickbooks in the cloud????   Do I create an account to pay bills from and then with the bank statement pay the bills from that new transferring account?
    Can anyone understand what I am asking?
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    I am a bookkeeper and even though the balances in the bank accounts are correct the reconciliation report is always incorrect. Also when I reconcile at the end. I click on show report but it wont show. I know that all the transactions are reconciled as I import the transactions manually and reconcile the whole quarter. I have tried unreconciling and re reconciling the whole quarter but this makes it worse. I then tried unreconciling the whole year and re reconciling and worse again. This is ridiculous and this is the only program I have this problem with. This is happening with more than one of my clients. I have spoken to reckon Tech support and had no joy there either. How is this going to look when the accountants log into the file at the end of the financial year. I know they check the reconciliation reports and when they do it will be incorrect. 

    Has anyone worked out how to solve this issue. Advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I spent so many hours on the phone to tech support with no joy, and tried everything you tried. My bottom line solution was moving to another bookkeeping program. As a non-profit with many accountabilities and compliance requirements, I couldn't find any other way around this frustrating issue.
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