Receive payments - over allocation to amoint received

Kylie OwenKylie Owen Member Posts: 2
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When I am allocating money received to an invoice in my system it is allocating more money than we received after I have approved the transaction. E.g if the invoice is for $100 and we received $100 - the transcation allocates $101 and creates a credit. Anyone know why this is happening? In only one entity


  • Jay JayJay Jay Reckon Staff Posts: 73
    edited November 2017
    Hi Kylie, 
    Welcome to Community, one way for this type of problem to appear would be due to using negative amount with in the invoice.
    Reckon account don't work well when mixing tax with negative amount, please try remove all negative amount from your transaction and receive payment again. 
    This might help
  • CarolCarol Member Posts: 16
    edited November 2017
    How about Reckon fix the problem with putting a negative figure on the invoice, sometimes you want to do this
  • Russell NoskeRussell Noske Member Posts: 15
    edited March 2018
    I need this fixed, as I need to enter grain sales less levies, and am ending up with a few cents error.
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