Clearing unbilled time and expenses

Amanda MillsAmanda Mills Member Posts: 2
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I am using Reckon Hosted.
I have a lot of unbilled time and expenses that have not been allocated to invoices.  We are trying to run job profitability reports and they are not correct as this time is not showing.
The invoices have already been created and sent to the clients and some have been paid.

Is there any way to allocate these items to the job without deleting and redoing the invoices? 
I know in another accounting system you could do a zero invoice and clear the work in progress?



  • ToniToni Member Posts: 147
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    When you create the invoices - do you use the "Add time & Costs" ?? 
  • Amanda MillsAmanda Mills Member Posts: 2
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    The invoices have been created by the owner of the company I work for and he hasn't used the "Add time & costs" tab.  So need to find an easy way to clear the unbilled costs.

  • ToniToni Member Posts: 147
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    Im not sure if there is an "easy" way - I have had to do this also going back more than 5 years -Generate a report called "unbilled costs by job" under the "Jobs/time & Milage in the reports menu" from there drill down onto each expense/time and clear the tick - this is a long process.... would like to know if anyone else has an easier way.  
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    Hi. You can open the invoice, add the time and costs then close and save the invoice. Open the invoice again and use "ctrl + delete" to remove the tines and costs just added and save and close again. This will take them off your unbilled list but not change the invoice. Still abit oif an effort but a bit quicker than doing each one individually.
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