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I am running a Transaction Detail by Account Report (from the Accountant section of the report centre). I have modified the report to include the Account field. Unfortunately the client I am working for has many sub accounts that are repeated in several account strings (i.e. room hire is in Income:Room Hire and Expenses:Room Hire). The report only shows Room Hire.
Interestingly the report Trial Balance does show the full account string, but I want to see the full transaction list. Also the Class field in the Transaction Detail by Account shows the full Class string.
Can I modify the Transaction Detail by Account Report to show the full account string?


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    Hi Chris,

    Although there is no way to show the full string, you can tell a sub account as it is indented.  And you can tell its sub account by scrolling up to the first account name not indented.  Unfortunately the only way I can see to make the report show the difference between the sub accounts, would be to rename the sub account by adding some identifier to the start or end of the account name.

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    Hi Shane
    Thanks for such a quick reply, especially on a Sunday. I understand and think I will have to rename sub accounts to differentiate.
    Just to check before I go ahead, if I change account Room Hire to Room Hire Income in the Income:Room Hire string I am assuming it will not change Room Hire in the Expenses:Room Hire string. Please confirm? Thanks Chris

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