Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2018 - multi-currency issue

Chris Benson
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I've recently started using Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2018 to track our finances. We've got accounts and assets in Australia and the Philippines so I'm working with 2 currencies which was one of the reasons I selected this software. It's one of few that I could find that would adequately meet this requirement. I've noticed in the scheduled bills and deposit sections (among others) it doesn't convert the amounts back to AUD for accounts in PHP (see screenshot). When setting budgets, this throws it off and constantly advises that the budget limit has been exceeded and do I want to adjust it. It also displays balances incorrectly as you can see at the bottom of the window (March totals). Is there a fix/work-a-round for this?image


  • alainpaulr
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    The logic behind this is that budgets should be in the home currency, income and expenses in other currencies should be converted at an estimated exchange rate. When reporting one can always choose the currency in which to report.
    As for the sheduled bills and deposit, there is obviously a little bug. However in the cash flow section you should the correct totals.