Customise Reckon Accounts invoice to show column for line amount inc GST

Kim Woolley MidgleyKim Woolley Midgley Member Posts: 1
edited February 13 in Accounts Hosted
Hi all - I'm on Reckon Accounts Hosted.

We've recently had a customer request that we show an additional column on our invoice for the subtotal amount including GST on each line item on our invoice, but I can't figure out how to add that in?

All customisable options show figures excluding GST.

Any ideas?


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
    edited February 13
    Hi Kim,

    On the bottom left of the invoice is a tick box "Amounts include tax".  If this is ticked it will show the amounts including GST.

    But you wont be able to show a net amount, then a tax amount, then a gross amount in the lines.  Just either all in net or all in gross.

    Only in the footer can you see net, tax, and total gross.

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