How do i delete the bank previous bank reconciliation report in Reckon Hosted, as i have selected t

Raheela ShahRaheela Shah Member Posts: 1
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How do delete previous bank reconciliation reports and redo it
my balance is not matching and i noticed that i have been not selecting the date range correctly. just need to redo and select correct date range 


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
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    Hi Raheela,

    You need to click on Undo Last Reconciliation in the reconciliation window.

    Then redo your bank rec for that month.


  • Jennifer HoJennifer Ho Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Shane,
    I've a question on undoing bank reconciliation.  The only problem I encountered while trying to undo the reconciliation is that  a message pop which which does not allow me to undo saying that my last undo reconciliation is completed.  To continue to undo  I need to delete service charges,  interest charges before I can proceed.  What does it mean? 
    Thanks. Jen
  • Graham BoastGraham Boast Accredited Partner Posts: 406 ✭✭
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    Hi Jen

    Rather than undo - which just creates work for yourself, enter the date and amount of your last reconciliation, then Locate Discrepancies > Discrepancy Report.  This should give you what transactions have been deleted.

    Reenter these, then tick then in the reconciliation screen to get back to your original starting place.

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  • Jennifer HoJennifer Ho Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks Graham. Yes it works. Too bad I undo one month worth of work earliar. But it was easy to tick the whole month transactions as I am confident on all my entries.
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