Recording deposits for supplier purchase orders

BiancaBianca Member Posts: 1
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We regularly place Purchase Orders with overseas suppliers. These suppliers require a deposit of 20% or 30% in order to produce the goods. How do we best record these payments prior to receiving the goods?


  • Shayne McNamaraShayne McNamara Member Posts: 51
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    We have a chart of accounts asset code call Prepaid Overseas Payments.  We code all deposit and part payments to this account (there is no GST impact)  as usually we will pay 30% on order and 70% when the goods are shipped so in both cases fully paid before the stock arrives.  Then when the stock arrives we process a journal to take it into purchases.
  • Glenda VealeGlenda Veale Member Posts: 172
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    Hi, I have set up an asset account called "Deposits Paid" and record to that account.  When the final invoice is paid allocate to expense account and bring back the deposit amount.
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