multiuser doesnt work

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We use the hoisted Reckon multi-user package. The multiuser mode never works and even if you log in in multiuser it doesn't work. It kicks out either the first user or the second user as soon as a you attempt a task you get a black screen. The other person can continue but if you log back in it kicks them out. We use Mac and p/c platforms and it makes no difference. We dont need to use the feature very often but its really frustrating given that we have paid for it. Any hints?


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    Just checking - do you have 2 x Hosted user ID's for logging on?  
    If you only have one, then as soon as another person uses those same details to login on another computer - it will kick the other person off... for every simultaneous connection you need - you need another Hosted User ID... then you can run as multi user...  what you describes sounds like this is your problem?
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