sales invoices with ncg code

Brianna GalletlyBrianna Galletly Member Posts: 2
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Hi, I'm using Reckon Accounts Hosted. 
I have to enter a Sales Invoice that includes: 
- "Receipts Income" with FRE code
- Negative "Service Fee expense" with NCG code
However, when I run the GST detail report, the Service Fee appears as a negative Output (Sales) as opposed to an Input (Purchases). 
Is there a way to fix this? 
Many Thanks, Brianna


  • PamPam Member Posts: 37
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    Hello Brianna, this is because you are entering an expense into a sale side, and it will impinge on your GST report for this and most other software. Perhaps set up an income code with Service Fee deducted and the GST code to GST, and then enter that as a minus and that will solve that problem. 
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