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no option to email payment summaries

LeanneLeanne Member Posts: 85
edited June 30 in Accounts Hosted
Hoping for some help please. I have an employee who is asking for another copy of their payment summary.  I just tried to email it but there is no option to email. I have tried going thru Employees, process payment summaries and select payment summaries to email. I get the list of employees. I have checked the year is 2017/2018, it has payment sumaries: inb payment summaries. I tick the employee I want and there is only an option to preview, select all, select none and default email text.  There is no email option.  I thought it might be the file but I logged into another hosted file we have with different log in and no option either. I have also tried going thru file then select forms to email and nothing either.  Could anyone help please.


  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,178 ✭✭
    edited June 30
    Hi Leanne - after selecting the employee you wish to resend Payment Summary too - click OK at the bottom of your screen - the Select Forms to Send box will appear and you can send the email.
  • LeanneLeanne Member Posts: 85
    edited August 2018
    Thanks Linda, I think there must have been a glitch as the ok button at the bottom of the screen wasn't there. I logged out and logged back in and it came up so I was able to send the payment summary.  thanks

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