Separate Accounts and Payroll Databases (Enterprise 2018)

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Hi Team, 

We are using Reckon Enterprise 2018 and our Database file is apx. 1.5Gb.
This has started to cause issues whereby when running Payroll, we cannot pull reports or access the Database as usual.
Recommendation has been to move Payroll Processing onto a new .QBW Database file and keep our Accounts processing on the original .QBW.
We will eventually have to move our Accounts Processing to a new Database (.QBW) as well.

1. How do we create a new .QBW file specifically for Payroll?
2. What data would we need to export and import to make sure we can carry on with Payroll Processing as usual on the new Database file?
3. How would we arrange this data Export and Import.

Would really appreciate any guidance you could offer.


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    Hi Mark

    I wouldn't recommend moving just the Payroll to a separate file as you need payroll figures (in real time) within your company file financials!  Only Lists are able to be exported/imported - not transactions - so if you're going to start a new Company File, I'd advise doing so in its entirety (eg incl Payroll)

    There are a few things you can try first to decrease/optimise your company file including ....

    • Verify the Co File & Run Rebuild 3 times
    • Delete the .tlg File (Backup first!)
    • Re-sort all your Lists to their default order
    • Delete any transactions sitting in Print Queues
    • Defragment Co File DB & - if necessary - also your PC HD / Create & Restore Portable Co File
      Here's the latest link to Reckon's KB article on this:

      Hope that helps.

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