Including Employee Name with Billable Item Detail on Invoice

GemmaGemma Member Posts: 56
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We bill our clients for Employee Time spent on a job and use the Billing function through time sheets. 

However on the invoice issued to the client, as part of the line item description, we want to include a column that identifies which employee the time being billed is for, without having to enter the employee name manually into the invoice. 

There could be multiple employee time billed to a client so we want to be able to show, for example:

Bill Smith, 1/8/18 - 31/8/18, 80 hours, $1,000.
Jim Bobb, 1/8/18 - 14/8/18, 40 hours, $2,000 etc. 

Is there a way to automatically populate the Employee name into the invoice? 

Thank you 


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