how do i apply a payment to general journal entry?

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I received reimbursement from a customer for a balance that was previously recorded as a sales discount in error. After entering the additional payment it looks like I have a credit for $XX (note: there wasn't an invoice # to apply the payment to since it was already cleared from my AR). I then reversed the previously applied sales discounts by doing a journal entry, but cannot figure out how to apply the credit balance I have to the general journal entry amount to cancel out each balance. This is what I see in Reckon:

Type                                    Open Balance
Payment                               -$26.10
General Journal Entry           $26.10

Any advice?


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    I would delete the journal and enter an invoice - use an Item that is connected to the same sales discount line that you used in the journal - create a new Other Charge item if you need to... then you can apply the payment directly to this invoice... Journals should be avoided when it comes to AR and AP transactions... very messy