How to export Lists (IIF) from Reckon Accounts desktop

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EXPORTING IIF LIST DATA FROM Reckon Accounts desktop


1) Launch the program and open the specific company data file you want to work with

 2) Click on the File menu, then select Utilities 

3)  Select Export, thenselect Lists to IIF Files...


4)  You can either select each List type shown below separately or as a single combined export file, depending on your requirements

·         the Chart of Accounts List

·         the Customers List

·         the Suppliers List

·         the Items List

·         the Employee List


Then click the OK button to begin the export process.


5)  Export to a known location on your local hard drive as a plain-text tab-delimited file in the IIF format (Intuit Interchange Format)


Reckon Data Recovery Team



Reckon Data Recovery Team

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