I want to set a different template to a different accounts receivable

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I am using the hosted Australia version now and I have one little task that has become annoying.
I have two accounts receivables - one for NZ and one for Australia. 
I therefore have two templates - one with NZ bank account details and one with my AU bank account details.

If I create NZ invoices and then change to create a new invoice in say my AU account the template doesn't change to Australia. So all my Aussie invoices end up with my NZ bank account details.

[This doesn't happen with memorised invoices if I flick between the two] 

Is there a way of setting templates to a particular accounts receivable?

Many thanks for anyone's wisdom here


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    Unfortunately not JK. 
    The best workaround is as you've mentioned - to generate your AU ones via an AU Inv Memorised Transaction, then switch to your NZ Memorised one & generate those or vice versa. 

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    Thanks for the confirmation.
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