Removing a false sale / messed up refund ?

Jordan CrawfordJordan Crawford Member Posts: 1
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Hi All, 

So I  have a gift of messing things up before I even start and thats exactly what I have done with my new cloud POS service. 

In my attempt to get the hang of the interface I put through a fake sale to see how everything functioned. (Stupidly thinking i could just delete it) After realising this was not case, i just decided to issue a refund to balance the report out. 

instead of refunding the fake sale, I went ahead and charged it again... (I'm that kinda guy). Finally i managed to actually do a proper refund on the two false sales, but I charged tax on the refund but not on the sales, so my report still didnt match what was actually the case.

My question is, is there a way to remove all the past data on the POS cloud and start fresh? I just dont like the idea of starting off with a complete mess of things before my doors have even opened to the public. 



  • Robyn ThomasRobyn Thomas Member Posts: 13
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    You can ”unlink” a invoice and then delete it but the transcton number is still used in the system.
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