Adjustment for advance annual leave (with leave loading) on premature resignation

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A recent employee took annual leave not yet accrued (advance leave) that was paid leave with leave loading (NSW Australia). The employee has since resigned and has not yet accrued enough leave to cover the advance leave already taken. How can I calculate and correct / adjust a final payslip to account for this. I would like to: Deduct pay and leave loading for all days in excess of leave accrued at final date of employment (end of notice period). Reflect this deduction on the final payslip provided to employee.


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    Hi Hari

    I don't run Reckon One payroll, but try a negative hours it works in hosted, but then Reckon one can have a hissy fit with the most simplest tasks.

    I just do hourly holiday pay, rate, then negative hours owed to you i.e -5.75 this calculates in hosted as negative $$ and comes off the pay, same for leave loading.

    Not sure if it works but try it.

    You should have a pay category called accrued leave on termination - which you may be able to use just a negative $$ value in, then adj. the leave manually.

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