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I have lost access to my book and my subscription is payed up until the 17th what is going on? acces

Brunswick LiquorBrunswick Liquor Member Posts: 1
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I have lost access to my book and my subscription is payed up until the 17th, but getting the "free trial" sceen, what tf is going on?
I am hoping this is an error and my book can easily be restored, does anyone know?


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    Had same issue this morning with client, monthly payments coming out each month went to log in and it had been deactivated, so I could work I paid the fee again and reactivated.

    Then when I logged in and went to do the bank rec. it wouldn't balance, it said the file was last reconciled in May 15, 3 years ago.

    I had updated the client file to Jul18 in the october, Reckon did the upgrades and my file has gone crazy, and was "not active".

    Check the last payment date in your bank and get onto reckon support if paid.

    Mine was activated instantly I paid by ccard, but it still has issues.
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    Hi How did you first log in. Have you now logged on with chrome instead of your account with reckon? Kind regards Kim Chapman www.cosbiz.com.au
  • Sladjana MDSladjana MD Member Posts: 8
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    My advice would be to contact Reckon One support in order to get the copy of the file that you could backup. They'll also assist you to restore to the previous point when it was working and also you can sort out any payment over the phone/email if needed. 

    Kind Regards,
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