Credit adjustment being applied to the previous months due amount on customers statement

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We entered a credit adjustment for the current month however the amount is coming off the previous month (1-30days amount due) on the statement, how do we rectify this?


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    Hi Dayna

    You need to allocate the credit to the invoice you want to apply it to.

    Open the credit & see if it has a "Remaining Credit" amount (bottom right). 

    If so, it needs to be allocated:


    1.   Click on the dropdown triangle next to Use Refund to (along top of Adj Note window) & click on Apply to tax invoice
    2.   Select this option on the Available Credit window & click OK
    3.   In the Apply ... window, tick (select) the invoice you want the credit applied to, then click on Done to save

    If the credit has been allocated already to the wrong invoice, you can remove the calculators (eg the qty & rate/amount) & re-save the credit to “break” the link, then add them back in again ....


    • Open the credit & make a note of the qty & rate/amount, then delete these amounts & Save & Close the credit (it should be for $ 0.00 value)
    • Re-open the credit & enter the qty & rate/amount again
    • (Assuming you’ve not turned-off this pop-up message) When you click on Save & Close, you should automatically be prompted to retain ..., apply ... or refund ... the credit, otherwise re-open the credit & go through steps 1-3 above


    NB: To reinstate prompt messages ....

    • Click on Edit (along top toolbar of RAH), then on Preferences in dropdown menu
    • Under the LHS General category, click on the My Preferences tab & tick (select) the “Bring back all one time messages” option
    • Click OK to save/update

    (Note: As the option suggests, this will initially bring back ALL prompt messages, however you can choose on each one not to show it again) 

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