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Copy and paste

Cheryl BonehamCheryl Boneham Member Posts: 16
edited June 30 in Accounts Hosted
I use Ctrl C & Ctrl V a lot but which works for Excel, Word & Outlook but I can't get it to work in Reckon.  I like to copy information like ABN and addresses so I know that they are correct.  I'm finding the program very frustrating and regret changing to Accounts Hosted


  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,178 ✭✭
    edited June 30
    Hi Cheryl - the keyboard cut and paste short cuts work different with different browsers - try a few and see if one of them works better for you - I tend to use Opera every day with my Hosted files, and sometimes also open Safari too (I have 2 logins) so I can work on different files... although I find Safari always pops up the Clipboad box when I use the keyboard shortcuts... Opera does not - works fine... Chrome also works as you would expect for the copy/paste keyboard shortcuts... I just dont find Chrome as fast as the other two.  hope this helps?
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