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When we open the Customer Register the description is limited to a certain number of characters so is a lot shorter than the Memo that appears on our invoices. We used to be able to view the entire memo, is there anyway to view the entire description within the Customer Register?


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    Hi Melissa

    Above says Reckon Hosted, is this correct?

    Do you mean the customer centre where you can view all the customer invoices and payments, due date, open bal. and memo?

    If yes, then you can adj the columns from open window, customer list, date, inv. no etc. and make the memo column wider so you can see all.

    If not, explain or send a screen shot
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    Yes, Reckon Hosted. When you go to the customer centre, right click on a customer and then click 'Use Register' (unable to screenshot atm), for some reason we cannot adjust these columns at all, but the description column is already quite wide and still everything gets cut off about half way along.
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    No those columns don't adjust in any of the registers, having said that they should auto adjust as you resize the program.  i.e if you use RAH on half your screen then the columns should auto adjust and you can still read them all.

    If not look at the resolution on you PC screen rather than the RAH program, see if that helps.
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