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My salary sacrifice is not reporting correctly in the STP report. It is correct in Quickbooks. How do I fix this.


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    Just need to check these settings to see if I have interpreted your query correctly:
    The Salary Sacrifice is set to be Gross and not None for the Tax Tracking Type in the set up of teh Super Pay item?
    The total wage less Salary Sacrifice is the taxable amount and the lesser amount is the amount that should be in the Gross Earnings on the STP / BAS / W1
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    The SS is set to gross for Tax Tracking type. The RESC amount  after I have uploaded the STP file is not the Gross amount of Salary Sacrifice the employee has paid for the financial year. Quick books reflects the correct amount. But the file sent to the ATO is incorrect and is in some cases more than they have sacrificed
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    I am having the same issue.

    Reckon reports are showing the correct value.

    However the PAYG Summaries and also the STP file has incorrect Salary Sacrifice amounts. - all the errors are showing less SS that was actually deducted. The Gross amount is correct

    I had this error last year also for PAYG summaries.
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    I too am having the same issue. Correctly reported at time of pays, Payroll reports show the correct figure, however both STP and Payment Summaries are incorrect.
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    Where do you find the tax tracking type?
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