Recording payroll expense against a project

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Unless there is a way that have not enabled, we cannot allocate payroll expenses against a project in reckon during a payrun.
Being a construction company there is a significant cost allocated to payroll expenses which get left of the P&L for a project, essentially making the P&L report unusable.
Is there any talk of this being a function in place of, or as well as, the customer recording section on payrun. 
We pay extra for the ability to track projects and I am increasingly finding it frustrating that the feature still seems underdeveloped and unutilised, instead, R&D is going into POS or clinical functionality not improving the functionality for existing users in construction based areas.


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    Well you can use projects but its an additional module for which you need to pay.
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    Hi Gabrielle

    If you are wanting all the fancy bells & whistles you might like to look at hosted instead Reckon One.  It does so much more.
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    The only way we have found is to allocate the specific project against the each employee at payrun time.  This means that you can track the payroll cost in P&L but it is still hard to get an easy breakdown with enough detail. I don't think it is really bells and whistles;  I thought the whole idea of paying for the project module was to track these costs?
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