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Tony Finn
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Hi all. Still trying to get my head around R1.
I have 1 amount of $200 sitting in the bak account that was made up of 3 seperate transactions.
The $200 is sitting in the Bank Transactions tab
The 3 seperate transactions it makes up are in the Reckon One Transactions tab.
How do you allocate the 3 transactions to that one amount to clear it.

Ive come from Premier Pro and the way i used to do it was send the 3 seperate transactions to "Undeposited Funds" then go and record the deposit as one amount.

No doubt its quite simple but have not as yet worked it out :)

Thanks Tony


  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)
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    Hi Tony

    I am presuming the transactions are monies you have received from customers, and the $200 needs to be applied to 3 different customers.

    You need to set up your 'undeposited finds' account yourself, it doesn't come with R1, make it a bank account, receipt the 3 customers as you are used to, to the undeposited funds bank account.  Then transfer the $200 between the undeposited funds account and the bank account.
  • Tony Finn
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    Okay thanks for the help