Is there a General Ledger Summary Report available in Reckon One?

HeidsHeids Member Posts: 6
edited April 11 in Reckon One
My accountant has asked me for a summarised general ledger report. 

I can see that there is a detailed report available, however I need a summary. I can also see from this forum that other people have asked for this report feature over the past few years.


  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)Kwikbooks (Professional Partner) Member Posts: 876
    edited April 11
    yes, reports>financial>account enquiry
  • HeidsHeids Member Posts: 6
    edited August 2019
    Thank you. I think this is a detailed general ledger report, however, and I need a summarised version.
  • LynneLynne Member Posts: 66
    edited August 2019
    Is it just balances you want? Would the trial balance be ok for this?
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