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RDO's We have trouble getting this right. 2 options : Hourly or per pay for RDO - but when they take an RDO it does not recalculate the correct RDO. We are forever making adjustments. SUGGESTIONS???


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    Hi Beverley I had a similar question but it was to do with sick leave not accruing, Linda replied to my question

    Hi Marissa - unfortunately the part of the payroll item setup that you need to check isn't actually visible except when creating a payroll item.. I think the reason it isnt reducing the leave accrual is because you have missed this step... so try creating a new payroll item... its very important that when you get to the screen below - you select sick leave...

    this will ensure that personal leave reduces when this item is used... probably you will need to then use this new item and delete the one you first created... cheers Linda
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    I do my RDO AL AND PERSONAL LEAVE per pay which is weekly in my case and it calculates correctly each pay including any deductions. Hope this helps
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    Hi Beverly

    You can set RDO up via accrued leave like sick & A/L using one of the 'other' spare tabs, working a full week accrues 2hrs each week except for the week they take an RDO then it accrues only 1.6hrs or if they take 2 RDO 1.2hrs in the week.  This is hard via accrual 2hrs each week as you have to go in and change this before the pay run for the week they take the RDO.

    If you set it up as .4 every hour worked this doesn't work either, as in Reckon there is no way to tell it on ordinary hrs only, so it calculates on O/T as well.

    The best you can do is set up 2 payroll items "RDO accrued"  "RDO Taken", pay the employee 40hrs ordinary, then RDO accrued -2.00, this will take 2hrs @rate out of pay leaving 38hrs and put 2hrs into RDO accrual (but this works in the negative) i.e  -6.00 available means they have 6hrs accrued RDO,  

    When they take an RDO in that week pay them 32hrs ord, RDO accrued -1.6, & RDO taken 7.6, this will give them 30.4 hrs ord + RDO 7.6 (38hr pay) and the RDO leave will come back to 0.00

    I have used Reckon accounts for over 20 years and this still hasn't been fixed, we still  can't get the correct leave accrual as Reckon defaults to 2 decimal places only, you can't choose what pay items leave accruals on so it still calculated on O/T if you use every hour worked.
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